About Me

Assalamuallaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu – May the peace & blessing of Allaah be upon you

My name is Mayz, also known by my travel name.. Akhi Abroad.

Everyone ask’s me the same question when they meet me for the first time, “is your name Akhi..?” or it’s “what does Akhi mean..?” Well, it basically means “my brother” in Arabic.

I was born and raised in East London & my parents/grandparents are from Sylhet, Bangladesh. I was fortunate enough to start travelling at a very young age and had visited 6 countries by the age of 12. I caught the “prayer bug” after my trip to Egypt in 2008 and now I’m on a mission to pray salah in every single country in the world! Insha Allaah #SalahWithoutBorders

As a muslim, we are obliged to pray salah (prayer) 5 times a day and as a traveller (musafir), we can combine and shorten the prayers to make it easy for us. I’ve currently visited & prayed salah in more than 56+ countries and counting.

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salah in 56+ Countries

most visited: saudi arabia (6+)

ramadan in saudi arabia – twice

MASJID AL AQSA – 2010 & 2019

salah in 134+ cities

performed HAJJ IN 2012

favourite city: medina

british born muslim

WHERE HAVE I prayed?